Slim Birdy - Lite as a Feather

Slim Birdy - Lite as a Feather. From flab to fabulous, author Kristy Zenk reveals her secret to long lasting weight loss. 81 page ebook.

Slim Birdy

Lite as a Feather

by Kristy Zenk

NOTE: THIS BOOK IS NOT BASED ON THE DR RAY PEAT PROTOCOL - this book is based on KETO before I found Ray.

Ebook, Lite as a Feather by former fatty - Kristy Zenk - is a refreshingly different approach to weight loss; it’s not a get thin quick scheme.

Note from author: This book is based on KETO & low sugar and is not my current eating style 5 years on. See further note below for more explanation.

Funny, engaging, entertaining; a true story capturing the heartache many women go through with their weight and with a happy ever after ending.

It’s part Bridget Jones Diary, part healthy eating without the eye-rolling lectures, part rollicking funny stories and a really unique perspective from the trenches. It just may explain why weight loss has eluded so many for so long.

Author Kristy Zenk declared, “most of the standard recommended programs/diets just didn’t work for me. I had to find my own way.”

Not that keen on the pain of boot camp, gyms or strenuous exercise of any kind, Lite as a Feather takes readers through ‘out of the box’ concepts and the steps taken to finally find what did work for Kristy from the exercise and eating perspective. It also features food suggestions, dishes and a handful of favourite dessert recipes demonstrating that the path to weight loss can still be yummy!

Brilliant photography by award winning photographer Adrian Alford including shots taken in Paris, Cook Islands, Italy, New Zealand and Scotland.

Visually stunning it's just a delight to read, this could potentially be the last weight loss advice you will ever need.

So what’s her secret to weight loss? Lite as a Feather will tell all.

Here’s what some readers had to say:

“This is the first book on weight loss where I related to 95% of it. It was like she was writing about my relationship with food. I loved it!” - Sarah C.

“Loved it! Funny, entertaining, real and inspirational.” – Linda Z.

“Lost 2 kgs already in about 2 weeks and haven’t felt hungry at all.” – Kylie J.

It’s great! There were so many parts I could relate to – totally helped me understand my behaviour around food.” – Cindy M.

“Very funny, I loved the part about all the types of exercise she tried and hated. Related to the crazy journey she went through to find peace with her body and food – totally true for me too.” - Katie G.

“The story around coffee was exactly how I experienced it too. Uncanny!” - Adrian A.

“I love the way she writes - funny, funny, funny! I so fully related to what she was saying and it felt like we were total twins in some areas it was scary. A great way to tackle what is a difficult topic for many.” - Jodie S.

“I couldn’t stop reading it. I loved all the concepts and couldn’t wait to see what was next.” – Rita A.

Author Update: While this book is still a great story about the trials and tribulations I went through with my weight and how I eventually found success, 10 years on, the predominantly low carb solution I was using gave me hypothyroidism! And weight started to come back on.

So I had to go back to the drawing board and find another way. It was humbling to be sure and quite disillusioning because I thought I had found the answer forever! My body however said 'no you didn't.'

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