3 Day Summer RESTART

The easy way to get your eating back on track.

The new 3 Day Summer RESTART is a refreshingly easy way to get your eating back on track.


We all have times when events, parties, birthdays, holidays get in the way. Or life is just so hectic that you can’t get organised. Well here is a way to draw a line in the sand, and make everything a whole lot easier.


Based on the Ray Peat principles outlined in the Zen Beach Diet, which already features an easy way to portion your food so you don’t have to count calories or macros. This RESTART makes it even easier - if that’s at all possible!


Reducing stress is one of the keys to health and weight loss, and this 3 Day Summer RESTART does exactly that. It’s like a relaxing spa holiday for your brain and body.


Three easy RECIPES that you prepare once and eat for three days. A SHOPPING LIST is included, so you know exactly what to get. All macros and calories are already counted, so you don’t have to do that either.


Just tune into your body and bliss out.


Author Kristy Alford says “Most of us know now what we should be doing, but how easily we integrate that into our lives is the key. This RESTART has completely changed the way I approach meal prep. The ease is such a relief.”


Beautifully photographed by Adrian Alford Photography, it is perfect holiday reading to relax, get into the beachy Summer vibe and get your life on track.


The 3 day Summer RESTART is AU$9.95 (US$7.70, GBP 5.40) and is available for immediate download worldwide. It is a 44 page PDF file of 27mb.


How to get it for FREE!

Simply purchase FOUR of Slim Birdy’s Ray Peat Inspired Books - The Zen Beach Diet, The One Ten Toned exercise program,The Sweet Treats recipe book & the Lemon Coffee + Prometabolic Diet Weight Loss Dynamite BOTH the Bonus FAT Burner HIIT Guide AND the 3 Day Summer RESTART will be sent to you FREE!


Note 1

For those who have already purchased 3 of my books you would have received the Bonus FAT Burner HIIT Guide Free. Simply purchase another book and you will also get the Summer RESTART for FREE.

So you can buy it and download it immediately.

Or if you are purchasing other books to get the Summer RESTART free, it will be sent to manually after your purchase is registered.

Please set email slimbirdy@ymail.com as a safe sender on your system, so we can send through your free bonus books.

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