The Zen Beach Diet

The ZEN Beach Diet is a detailed guide of Kristy Alford’s experiences with the Dr Ray Peat style of eating.


After eating low carb/keto for 10 years and realising it was no longer working due to weight coming back on, as well as feeling cold all the time and hair starting to fall out, Kristy sought further answers.


After finding the work of Dr Ray Peat and researching, experimenting and eating this way for over four years, Kristy has finally found the calorie level, balance of macros and types of food to maximise her health, metabolism and finally reach the weight loss goal she desired. Now she is helping hundreds of other women to do the same!


The book includes information, food guides, a how to build your own meal plan formula as well as a 7-day meal plan and new recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Beautifully photographed by her husband and professional photographer Adrian Alford, it features a stunning collection of beaches from around the world as well as all the recipes.


Enjoy the amazing view as you learn how to finally get your health and weight on track and into the ZEN Beach vibe.


Priced at only AU$9.95, (Approx US$7.70, ₤5.40) it’s a PDF file of 34 mb and is available for immediate download now.


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AUD 9.95

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